Jeffu Warmouth

No More Funny Stuff

No More Funny Stuff (4-Way Cymbal Monkey)

performance video, 4 min, 2012

Under constant bombardment by media messages, images, waves, radiation, it is increasingly difficult to focus one's attention inward. In a wireless environment, unplugging is nearly impossible. My brain can't hear itself meditate. Movement, sound, pointless repetitive action may be the only way to get in there, or even to assert that there is an 'in' in there. Ah, to achieve the serenity of a battery-powered toy! The zen dictum states: 'do what you are doing.' I do.

Eye contact. Action. Abrasive. Relentless. Fragmented. Multiplied. Inverted. Pause for breath. Enraged. Blissful. Channeling. Shielding. Connecting. Listening. Repeating. Breathing. Crashing. Again.