Jeffu Warmouth

Kung-fu Kitchen

Kung-fu Kitchen Poster

Kung-fu Kitchen

Video, 5 min, 1998

An epic of vegetable proportions! This live-action kung-fu satire with an all-vegetable cast is an ironic tribute to martial arts film genres. E-Gu-Pah (Johnny Eggplant-Li) battles to wrest the scroll of Ultimate Flavor Enhancemence from the evil Ka-Ba-Ji (Raymond Cabbage-Wong). In Vegetablese with English subtitles.

Screenings & Festivals

Experimenta: House of Tomorrow, 2002-2004

Home Fictions

CyberLounge, Gallery@Green Street

Brainwash Film Festival, 2003, *** GRAND PRIZE WINNER ***

Dallas Video Festival, 2001

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, 2000

Chicago Underground Film Festival, 1999

Euro Underground Film Festival, 1999

Philippine International Film Festival, 2000

Light Plays Tricks IV Film Festival, 2001

El Rio Outdoor Film Festival, 2000

"Loves Like a Dog" TV show on BBC, 2001

Boston Cyberarts Festival, 2000

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