Jeffu Warmouth

Land O'Lactation

Land O'Lactation

Land O'Lactation

Wood, foam, paint, powdered silica, water, pumps, model railroad parts, 84 x 96 x 96 inches, 2007

Mountainous landscape of lactating breasts, complete with milk geysers and lake.

This site-specific installation was a collaboration with Ellen Wetmore, commissioned for the juried group exhibition Trainscape: Installation Art for Model Railroads at the DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA. The exhibition featured four model trains that would run through the artworks created for the show, each of which had to be constructed in an 8x8 foot square with Lionel Fastrack entering and exiting at just the right spots to connect to the other installations. It was a sort of exquisite corpse for train and sculpture geeks.

Our installation was a mountainous landscape of lactating breasts, complete with milk geysers and a lake. We had nursing son at the time; Ellen had begun developing a body of work based on the surreal body transformations of pregnancy and motherhood. I had just finished creating SPUDNIK, so I was deep in the midst of the idea of creating fantastic universes.

Greetings from the Land O'Lactation


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