Fall, 2012
30 second video formatted for unique 80-foot high video marquee

Multiple iterations of the artist fall through the sky and land in water. Commissioned for Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Marginalia: Drop, 2011
Video installation

Multiple iterations of the artist carry boxes, and drop them into a pile.

Marginalia: Crawl, 2011
Video installation

Multiple iterations of the artist crawl along a set of narrow vinyl strips.

Up, 2011
Cardboard box, electronics, 5 min video loop

Multiple iterations of the artist learn to jump out of the box

Il Jeffuria Pizza, 2010
Interactive video installation

Life sized virtual pizza chef idles until viewer selects from touchscreen, triggering Jeffu to create absurd recipes.

JeffuBurger, 2009
Interactive video installation

When viewer selects menu items from touchscreen, fast-food worker Jeffu springs into action.

JFC, 2009
Interactive video installation

Viewer selects fried items from touchscreen for Colonel Jeffu to pull from bucket.

HD Video, 6 min

Sci-fry history of potato space exploration

Art Show Down (trailer), 2006
Video, 2 min

Frontier-themed art game show

Day of the Cabbage, 2005
HD Video, 10 min

Giant-monster movie with all-vegetable cast

Il Spaghetti Occidentali (Spaghetti Western), 2002
Video, 4 min

'60's European Western with all-vegetable cast

Kung-fu Kitchen, 1999
Video, 5 min

Martial arts mini-epic with all-vegetable cast

A Heart Divided, 2008
Video, 7 min

Civil War bromance of struggle & heartbreak