I must create a system, or be enslaved by another’s. I will not reason and compare; my business is to create. - William Blake

Welcome to Visions 2009

Visions is the juried honors showcase of the year's best original student work in the Communications Media Department. The entire campus and local community looks forward to this annual event, which consists of a gallery art exhibition, a film/video screening, and a presentation forum.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to all the student artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, interactive and motion graphic designers, videographers, and communication theorists who submitted entries for Visions 2009. Thanks to Typography and Graphic Design II students for poster designs. Thanks to Advanced Graphic Design students for the Visions program design. Hanno Art Silk paper for the programs was generously supplied by Lindenmeyr Monroe. Thanks to Tim Goldberg from Lindenmeyr Monroe.

Thanks to Zak Lee, Chair of Visions Committee, Dr. John Chetro-Szivos, Department Chair, Paula Delisle, Paul Concemi, Coelynn McIninch, Dr. Shirley Wagner of Academic Affairs, President Robert Antonucci, Steve Swartz & the IT Department, Alumni Office, Public Relations, Print Services, Chartwells, Student Activities and Campus Center Staff and the Facilities Department.

Thanks to....

Jurors: Zak Lee Mary Baker Paul Concemi Stephen Goldstein Peter Laytin Robert Carr Randy Howe Viera Lorencova Coelynn McIninch Jeffrey Warmouth Charles Roberts Kevin McCarthy Jon Krasner Helen Obermeyer-Simmons

Program Design: Jared Roberts

Visions Web Development Team

Even though Visions 2009 was some time ago, it wasn't until 2012 that a very talented team of artists and technologists came together as a group and built what stands here today as a remarkable piece of web work. Their names remain here inscribed forever (until this page cannot be displayed) to inspire other would be technologists to come to Fitchburg State University and learn a truely worth-while vocation.

Visions Forum Presentations


Ellis White Hall, Hammond Building

Jessica Cyr

The Reign Of Visual Literacy

Kelli Garney

Bonding through Sports Talk

Charles Sternaimolo

Edward Hopper

Gallery Opening:

Hammond Art Gallery, Hammond Building

Film/Video Screenings

Weston Auditorium