Visions 2010


Visions 2010, Introduction

This is a website representing Visions 2010, a Communications Department showcase of juried student work, that was held on Wednesday April 28th, 2010. The schedule of the events were as followed:

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Visions Forum Presentations:

4:30pm - ELLIS WHITE HALL, Hammond Campus Center

Gallery Opening:

5:30pm - HAMMOND ART GALLERY, Hammond Campus Center

Film and Video Screening:

7:00pm - WESTON AUDITORIUM, Conlon Fine Arts

interactive media

Visions Forum

Visions Forum

Talk of the Twitterverse

A study of the language used in the trending topics of

By: Alison Schofield

Story in Song

A discussion of how elements of story are conveyed through the language of music.

By: Jason Pacitti

Conflict in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

A presentation on the way Emily Dickinson used conflicting words to drastically change the meaning behind her poems.

By: Kara Noonan

graphic design


interactive media

Interactive Media




Film & Video


Adelina’s Song

A woman on her way to a meeting encounters a guitar player who enchants her with a beautiful song.

Directed by: Ben Proulx



Tom loves Liz very much, but his roommate sees right through her.

Directed by: Stephen Troy

Salvation Army - More than a Kettle

A short public service announcement created for The Fitchburg Salvation Army.

Directed by: Matt Maguire


Can’t Take Gnome More

A man whose life is haunted by cowardice and indecision is confronted by his past.

Directed by: Dave Orten

As Long as it Takes

A boy encounters a mysterious stranger in a park who is waiting for somebody he loves.

Directed by: Jared Smith

My Last Flight

Documentary of a young man who uses his music as a way to cope with major depressive disorder.

Directed by: Reed Sisson

Colors and Motion

Experimental film that bas been hand painted and hand scratched, frame by frame, on found 16mm film.

Directed by: Caitlin Carvalho

Need New Friends?

Joe is throwing a pool party when things go horribly wrong and he is forced to find a new group of friends.

Directed by: Felipe Machado


Lumberjack Robot Police Force

In the year 10,000, a small band of rebels fight off a seemingly endless hoard of tin faced foes.

Directed by: Justin Marra


A struggling model works to pay her rent as a personal tragedy slowly unfolds back home.

Directed by: Joe Marine


Dr. O 3

In the third installment of the Dr. O series, the villainous assembly gathers to celebrate the birthday of one of their own.

Directed by: Ethan Taranto-Kent


What Matters Beautiful

A story about two would be lovers and their take on relationships, sex and the nature of love.

Directed by: Reid Connell



A geeky film student finds himself at the mercy of an enraged film professor in this dark film school parody.

Directed by: Kenny Caudill


We Gotta Eat!

Meet Sunny, Weepy, and Tipsy, three once very popular clowns who now need to change their act up, just to get by.

Directed by: Craig Shannon



2010 Jurors:

Zak Lee, Charles Roberts, Mary Baker, Paul Concemi, Robert Harris, Kevin McCarthy, Stephen Goldstein, Peter Laytin, Robert Carr, Randy Howe, Jon Krasner, Helen Obermeyer Simmons, Jeff Warmouth, Viera Lorencova, Charles Sides, and Coelynn McIninch.

Special thanks to:

All the student artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, interactive, interface, and motion graphic designers, videographers, and communication theorists who submitted entries for Visions 2010. Thanks to Typography and Graphic Design II students for postcard and poster designs and Advanced Graphic Design students for the Visions program design. Paper (Hanno Art Silk) for the program was supplied by Lindenmeyr. Thanks to Tim Goldberg from Lindenmeyr for the generous paper donation and thanks to Virginia Guertin and the Culley Street Frame Shop for matting.

Thanks also to:

Jon Krasner, Chair of Visions Committee, Dr. John Chetro-Szivos, Department Chair, Paula Delisle, Paul Concemi, Coelynn McIninch, President Robert Antonucci, Dr. Shirley Wagner of Academic Affairs, Steve Swartz & the IT Department, Alumni Office, Public Relations, Print Services, Chartwells, Student Activities and Campus Center Staff and the Facilities Department.

Program Design by: Erik Weikert. See his work at

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