Jeffu Warmouth



Wise Cracks, Video performance, 1997

Wiseacres was a comedic performance art duo composed of Jeffu Warmouth and Charles "Chawla" Roberts, active 1996-1999. Wiseacres pushed slapstick beyond comfortability with works like Wise Cracks and Thanks a Million, which we performed at the Revolving Museum and Eugene Mirman's alternative comedy showcase



Wise Cracks, 20 minute performance video, The Revolving Museum, Boston, MA, 1997

Thanks a Million, live performance, Eugene Mirman's Alternative Comedy Showcase, Hong Kong Restaurant, Cambridge, MA, 1998

Wise Opera, Beijing Opera themed live performance, The Revolving Museum, Boston, MA, 1998

Eat, live performance, Bad Girrls Studios, Jamaica Plain, MA, 1998