Jeffu Warmouth


NINE GESTURES NINE GESTURES, 2012, HD video, 12 minutes

Specifically created for this unique grid of nine screens, NINE GESTURES is a set of performance-based video compositions exploring time, repetition, scale, dimension, gravity, and the body's interaction with architecture.

Nine Gestures, 2012, HD video, 1 minute excerpt

Included Works

Walk | Fall | Pull | Crawl | Merge | Up | Sled | Cymbal | Hop

Nine Gestures: Walk, 2012, HD video, 35 seconds

Nine Gestures: Fall, 2012, HD video, 46 seconds

Nine Gestures: Pull, 2012, HD video, 1 minute

Marginalia: Crawl, 2012, HD video, 1 minute

Nine Gestures: Sled, 2012, HD video, 33 seconds

Nine Gestures: Cymbal, 2012, HD video, 4 minutes

Nine Gestures: Hop, 2012, HD video, 45 seconds


Nine Gestures by Jeffu Warmouth, 2012, Documentary produced by Nico Moreno, Fitchburg State University