Jeffu Warmouth

Art Show Down

Art Show Down Art Show Down, 2006, TV Game show, Seven episodes, each 30 minutes

Art Show Down is a frontier-themed art game show shot in front of a live studio audience, culminating in the Ultimate Artist Challenge in which one contestant remains standing after defeating the herd of talented challengers! Producers Roland Smart and Jeff Warmouth explore highbrow vs. lowbrow interpretations of contemporary culture in this unique game show, which exploits the best (and the worst!) of the game show genre through the lens of the arts.

Contests include The Auction Price is Right, in which contestants must guess the final selling price of a famous artwork at action, the Hang 'em High rock climbing gallery wall challenge, a paintball contest in The Action Art Shooting Gallery. Schmooze & Booze in which contestants must eat, drink, and schmooze to curry the favor of a guest curator, and A Brush with Danger, in which contestants must brand each other with paint through an action painting, head-thrusting, paintbrush helmeted, and hands-hog-tied challenge!

Art Show Down, 2006, TV Game show, playlist, featuring: Art Show Down Trailer, 2 minutes, and 7 Episodes, each 30 minutes

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