Jeffu Warmouth

Participatory Democracy

Participatory Democracy Participatory Democracy: Step Right Up and Vote!, 2004, an art exhibition at Art Interactive

Participatory Democracy was a 2004 exhibition at Art Interactive in Cambridge, MA, a collaborative installation created by Ravi Jain, Natalie Loveless, Jeffu Warmouth, Andrew MK Warren, and Douglas Weathersby, and curated by George Fifield. My major contributions to the exhibition included Democra-Skee Vote Alley and Futuro-Vote.

The following Registration Video, hosted by conceptual artist Donald Burgy, introduced visitors to the exhibition.

Participatory Democracy Registration & Instruction, NTSC Video, 5 minutes

The Exhibition

The interactive exhibition investigated the democratic process, and consisted of the following components:

Read the essay Participatory Democracy: Step Right Up and Vote by George Fifield, Curatorial Committee Chair