Jeffu Warmouth

Jeffu Warmouth: Urgent Blowout

Urgent Blowout, 2019, inflatable fabric sculpture with 36 inflatable heads, 54 x 120 x 100 inches

A ten-foot wide inflatable head, hollowed out and filled with dozens of smaller fabric heads, sewn from 3D photographic scans of the artist. Urgent Blowout amplifies our desire to fill, inflate, and replicate ourselves; we float around aimlessly bumping in one another, changing course based on wind currents, Black Friday sales, foreign influence, and cat GIFs; we may not know where we're going, but we remain desperate to get there quickly.

This project has been supported by a grant from the Artist's Resource Trust.

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Urgent Blowout, 2019, Ultra-high definition video loop, 14 minutes, color, silent

Urgent Heads, 2019, fabric, vinyl, breath

Untitled, 2019, mixed media including fabric, vinyl, air, shoe

Head-Bowl Mockup, 2019, collaboration with Landmark Productions